1. Use AWS as much as you can. Many Many hours.
  2. Do Labs and Walkthroughs.
  3. Take an online course from Somewhere like Udemy. Take many online courses on the same subject. I recommend Linuxacademy , ACloudguru.
  4. Read the Whitepapers!
  5. There are Many Many more places to learn AWS for free like Udemy free courses, youtube free lessons. I have a bunch of videos there.
  6. Watch Reinvent Videos which are VERY HIGH quality for FREE.
  7. Watch videos in 1.5x speed.
  8. Do fun projects.
  9. Build a personal website hosted on S3 and Cloudfront.
  10. Build a VPC with load balancer and autoscaling .
  11. Read the FAQ’s
  12. Go to AWS Meetups
  13. Publish Apps/Skills Amazon store and be rewarded
  14. Go to AWS Events ( I’ve been to 2 all day event this year , both for free)
  15. Subscribe to reddit.com/r/aws
  16. Read the AWS Blogs
  17. Teach other people about AWS.
  18. Ask me any questions.