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#1 Which of these EC2 instance types is Burstable ?

#2 What EC2 Metric is not available on Cloudwatch by default?

#3 What happens when you stop an EC2 instance with EBS Storage?

#4 What kind of EC2 instance is most suitable to your organization if want to save money by committing to a 1-3 year term some are willing to pay some cost upfront?

#5 What does EC2 stand for?

#6 True or False: You can attach Static IP’s to an EC2 Instance

You can attach an static Ip to an EC2 Instance using Elastic IP’s.

#7 What does an AMI let you do?

#8 Which of these is NOT a kind of AMI in AWS ?

#9 What kind of EC2 tenancy will you choose if you want no other company/individual to share the underlying EC2 hardware with you?

#10 What feature can you turn on to prevent your EC2 from accidental deletion?

#11 What feature will use for Running Commands on Your Linux EC2 Instance at Launch?

#12 What feature will you use to back up your data on EC2 EBS volumes?

#13 What AWS Command Line Interface command will list all the EC2 instances in a region?

#14 What is the name of the default Linux system user account on an EC2 instance launched with Amazon Linux AMI?

#15 What acts as a virtual firewall that controls the traffic for one or more EC2 instances?