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Mini Videos on Real life Architectures of companies using AWS. This Is My Architecture Series:

:computer: Do a lot of labs. Labs steps and code from official AWS Github pages:

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Reinvent Videos: Free 1 hour videos from AWS experts working on Amazon. This is from a conference that happens every year in Las Vegas and 40000 people attend. Walkthroughs, In depth sessions. There are 200, 300, 400 level videos. 1000 videos uploaded every year:

Read the Frequently asked questions for all the major services. Then read the FAQ’s on services that confuse you the most:

More whitepaper to read if you’d like a deeper knowledge( About 300 Pages in total):


(44 Pages +30 pages of questions and best practices ) AWS Well-Architected Framework, November 2016 :

(36 pages) AWS Well-Architected Framework – Security Pillar, May 2017 :

(49 Pages ) AWS Well-Architected Framework – Reliability Pillar, November 2016 :

(45 Pages) AWS Well-Architected Framework – Performance Efficiency Pillar, November 2016 :

(35 Pages) AWS Well-Architected Framework – Cost Optimization Pillar, November 2016 :

AWS Well-Architected Framework -Operational Excellence

:question:Where to ask questions? If you’re confused and want insight on something or want to troubleshoot an issue, you can use these highly online active community forums.

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