We teach in-person workshops, produce instructional videos, maintain a GitHub repository, and publish a blog about AWS.  Our students and viewers often ask us for tips and information about AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam.  Based on the questions we have received, we have compiled a FAQ for those preparing for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam.

Q) I’ve never worked in IT, is cloud practitioner certification useful for me?

Yes. due to the growth of AWS and cloud computing, professionals across different domains such as finance, accounting, project management, marketing, compliance need familiarity with the cloud. When preparing for the cloud practitioner certification, you will gain a good high-level knowledge of AWS that will enable you to contextualize how AWS might be helpful to you regardless of your work function.

Q) Can I get a job after getting this certification?

No. This certification alone will not help you get a job. Studying and passing the exam signals an intent in learning AWS, and helps you build the foundation to dive deeper.  To get a job in cloud computing, we recommend creating projects that utilize AWS and gain as much hands-on experience as possible.

Q) Is the exam difficult?

No. Well, it depends on your prior knowledge of AWS and the effort you put in, but the exam is not fundamentally difficult. The passing score is 700 on a scale of 100-1000.  We have published another blog outlining exam preparation strategy and published videos on the same topics.

Q) What’s covered in the exams?

A) The exam is on the core AWS services, pricing, security, architecture, and enhanced services.

Q) How should I prepare?

As mentioned above, we recommend going over our blog that lists a collection of (mostly free) options to study for the exam. The core materials are AWS literature published by Amazon itself (Exam blueprint, AWS whitepapers), internet research (blog like ours, youtube), and practice exams.

Q) How does this differ from the associate certification exams?

The associate-level certification exams are more difficult than the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exams.  Mainly the associate certifications test more in-depth knowledge of services, and requires a greater degree of familiarity with AWS.  The Associate Solution Architect exam in particular requires understanding of services and on how different services work together.

Q) How long is the exam?

The exam lasts for 90 minutes.

Q) How much does the exam cost?

The exam costs 100 USD.