Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the largest provider of cloud computing. As such, proficiency and familiarity of AWS is important to professionals working not just in software development and IT, but also in finance, accounting, marketing and project management.  The pervasiveness and ubiquity of AWS mean it is important to be comfortable with AWS regardless of your role in your company, given that your company uses AWS as their cloud provider.

AWS’ Cloud Practitioner Certification is intended to test familiarity of AWS for those without any technical background in AWS.  It also helps to aspire AWS Cloud professionals build foundational knowledge before moving to more advanced topics.

What does the Cloud Practioner Exam Validate? 

It validates an examinee’s ability to:

  • Define what the AWS Cloud is and the basic global infrastructure
  • Describe basic AWS Cloud architectural principles
  • Describe the AWS Cloud value proposition
  • Describe key services on the AWS platform and their common use cases (for example, compute and analytics)
  • Describe the basic security and compliance aspects of the AWS platform and the shared security model
  • Define the billing, account management, and pricing models
  • Identify sources of documentation or technical assistance (for example, whitepapers or support tickets)
  • Describe basic/core characteristics of deploying and operating in the AWS Cloud.

We have previously compiled general tips to help people pass AWS certification exams.  Here, we list some topics to help study for the Cloud practitioner exam.

  • Start by reading the official exam blueprint. Click Here to view exam Blueprint
    • The blueprint outlines the structure of the exams and helps you identify the topics that might be covered in the exams.
  • Buy official practice exam questions from AWS.
    • The official practice exams mimic the exam and it helps you gauge the complexity of the exam questions. 
  • Read the AWS whitepapers, and most importantly the AWS’ well-architected framework whitepaper.
    • AWS publishes high-quality whitepaper that suggests best practices for all aspects of AWS including cost optimization, security, and development. They also help you build the foundation for further study.
  • Watch our Sample Questions and answers Video on Youtube: 
    • We regularly publish AWS materials on a wide range of AWS topics and associate and professional certification exams.
  • Check out our Github Repo with lots of Links and resource
    • Our GitHub repo is a living repository of AWS resources that help you learn AWS regardless of your comfort level of AWS or cloud computing.

Our AWS Cloud Practioner Videos on Youtube : 




Course Contents

Domain 1: Cloud Concepts(26%)

Domain 2: Security(24%)

Domain 3: Technology (36%)

  • 3.1 Define methods of deploying and operating in the AWS Cloud

    • Fault Tolerant
    • Scalable and Elastic
    • Infrastructure as Code
    • Opsworks
    • Elastic Beanstalk
    • AWS DevOps Suite
  • 3.2 Define the AWS global infrastructure

    • Region , Zones and Edge location
  • 3.3 Identify the core AWS services

    • Compute
    • Network
    • Storage
    • Databases
    • IAM and security
    • Integration (SQS, SNS)
    • Deployment (CF, Beanstalk) : just touch on this topic
  • 3.4 Identify resources for technology support

    • Support Center
    • Documentation

Domain 4: Billing and Pricing (12%)

  • 4.1 Compare and contrast the various pricing models for AWS

    • Reserved Instanced, Reserved Capacity
    • Pay as you go
    • Spot instances
    • Fundamental Of Pricing ( request, data transfer, storage cost)
  • 4.2 Recognize the various account structures in relation to AWS billing and pricing

    • Consolidated Billing
    • Billing info access
    • AWS Free Tier
  • 4.3 Identify resources available for billing support

    • Support Center