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In the above video, we introduce Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Computer (EC2) service to an audience with no prior knowledge of the topic. This video will help you build an understand foundational knowledge of EC2 which will help you create personal projects, launch an app, or to prepare for AWS certification exams. To supplement this video, we also have a full Udemy course on EC2 with 10 hands-on exercises (labs) that help you further your understanding of EC2 instances.

We have a free quiz on EC2 this site that helps you gauge your understanding of EC2. Please check it out.

CLI is a powerful tool that allows you to manage your cloud resources at scale. We’ve created a series of videos of CLI on Udemy to help you better learn this tool.

Once you watch this video, and are interested in learning more about AWS and EC2, we have a video on Cloudwatch Metrics for EC2.

AWS Lambda is a serverless platform on AWS that allows to execute code without managing the underlying server. It’s critical to know use cases for both EC2 instances and serverless architecture to build a comprehensive knowledge if AWS’ compute service. Our Udemy Course on AWS Lambda helps new AWS students learn AWS Lambda quickly and efficiently.

We go over securing EC2 instances on the video. Alongside securing EC2 instances, we also need to secure data at rest and at transmission. Our AWS Key management Service (KMS) course on Udemy helps you understand encrypt data at rest.

We are often asked about the best way to prepare for AWS exams. We have compiled a list of tips most of our students have found useful below.

Seven tips to prepare for the AWS associate exams:

1) Practice AWS with hands-on projects or labs. Build a VPC from scratch, create static websites and write lambda functions.

2) Focus on understanding the core services ( EC2, S3, VPC, Route 53, RDS) and don’t spend too much time on niche services. Although it is always good to be comfortable with several topics that are included in the exam.

3) The passing score is around 67%. You can miss about 15-18 questions and still pass the exam.

4) Watch AWS Reinvent Videos — the videos are one of the best resources to learn AWS.

5) Read the recommended AWS Whitepapers and be familiar with the AWS Well Architected Framework.

6) Read AWS Documentation, FAQs for services and visit AWS forums if you need clarification. You can reach out to us via our LinkedIn page for guidance.

7) Buy the official practice exam and find any other practice exam questions and understand the answers thoroughly.